What makes America so special?

Our Republic is not only the world’s oldest living democracy, but also a symbol of hope. Alexis de Tocqueville famously observed:

The people who settled our country took enormous risks for the chance to give their children a better life. Our Founders lived in a world in which authoritarian rule was the norm, and rulers claimed the powers and assets of the state as their own personal property. …

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

I don’t care about Donald Trump. He has been and always will be a mentally-ill clown who spies on naked teenagers in their changing rooms.

The person who has done more lasting damage to the American Republic — and ironically calls himself a “Republican” — is Mitch McConnell.

His actions risk turning the world’s oldest living democracy that has been guided by a respect for the rule of law into an unstable banana republic cursed by sporadic armed conflict where the only rule is that might makes right.

Our enviable system of government has given us 244 years stability and…

Video: Crossroads (The Lincoln Project)

I often ask people I know who support Trump whether they’d prefer to live in a democracy with policies they don’t agree with, or in an autocracy (or theocracy) with policies they support.

Their answer is all too often “that’s a tough one”.

A “tough one”? Since its founding, America has been a shining beacon to the world. Truth, justice, and the American Way. In America,

Words matter

As Vermont’s Republican Governor, Phil Scott, recently said

With these words, the framers of the U.S. Constitution emphasized the need to overcome the disparate ideologies and “factions,” (which James Madison perceived as an ever-present threat) and instead pursue our noble, common destiny.

In contrast, Trump’s power is derived from dividing the country:

He punishes entire states who didn’t vote for him.

Donald Trump often claims to be the greatest president ever. “Make America Great Again”. He framed the prior administration as being a drag on the economy and on our country’s status in the world, and has actively sought to undo Obama’s entire policy agenda. He eliminated drug and environmental regulations, lowered income taxes on corporations and the wealthy, and undermined the Affordable Care Act. His supporters claim that this has unshackled the economy and unleashed a new wave of growth. But has it?

With the presidential election approaching, I thought it would be helpful for voters in the upcoming election…

Our military has leaned strongly Republican. By law, active military are constrained from political action. Most retired officers are highly politically aware but strive to be non-partisan, and are often not aligned with either party.

The fact that so many top-ranked former Generals and Admirals have gone on record to speak out against Donald Trump underscores the gravity of the threat he represents to our democracy and, ultimately, what it means to be American. Below are warnings from a number of these retired, highly respected military commanders.

Admiral William McRaven

Former Commander of U. S. Special Operations Command

The most consequential election since 1860

My father fled Hungary in 1956 to escape the institutionalized mistrust, fear of retribution, corruption, nepotism, and lack of human dignity of Soviet rule. He saw America as a beacon of hope and was drawn to our strong democracy, rule of law, system of justice, and moral stance in the global fight against oppression and injustice.

Democracy can die more quickly than you think

That beacon of hope has come under threat. We have become inured to it, but Trump’s words and actions are unprecedented. No President before him came close to undermining our democracy to the extent that he has.


Thomas Colt

Former Republican who believes in truth, personal responsibility, capitalism, competition, the Constitution, decentralization, & speaking out against tyranny.

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